About Chartered Tours

Tailor your own tour and embark on a spectacular journey over world famous icons and breathtaking natural attractions.Hamilton Island Air invites you to experience the Whitsundays and outer Great Barrier Reef within the hour on a scenic flight, or within several hours on a tour. Arrive to Hardy Reef to  snorkel in just 30 minutes, or leave footprints on Whitehaven Beach in just 10 minutes.All budgets, group sizes and time constraints can be catered for by our highly experienced team, who have been delivering the most memorable touring experiences for our guests for over 20 years. Destinations include:

    • Great Barrier Reef
    • Heart Reef
    • Cruise Whitsundays Reefworld Pontoon
    • Whitehaven Beach
    • Hill Inlet
    • Whitsunday Islands
    • Resorts
    • Golf Resorts

Hamilton Island Air can provide catering from simple picnics to cocktail parties, beach games, toys, and all tours are hosted and commentary is provided by our experienced pilots. We are able to tailor air safaris on request, chartered flights and can also advise and organise the best opportunities for aerial photography.

Our fleet comprises of:


  • 3-seat helicopter:(max weight 250kg)
  • 4-seat helicopter:(max weight 355kg)
  • 6-seat helicopter:(max weight 410kg)


  • 7-seat seaplane:(max weight 425kg)
  • 10-seat seaplane:(max weight 760kg)

Please call or email us for a quote.